51° 58′ 0″ N, 4° 36′ 30″ E  …Glad you found me!

Eye am the creative pulse of Studio Linda Druijff (photo/graphics).

Eye enjoy unconventional art, bold architecture and indie fiction.

Eye find beauty in the ordinary. Eye follow the light of day and night.

Eye see color, pattern and texture in soft summer rain, in sounds producing happy tunes,

in windowshopping late at night, in strappy sandals and untied shoelaces.

Eye am on an artsy adventure. Eye hear poetry when that shutter clicks.

Patiently going beyond watching; Eye See.


Artwork copyright belongs to the treasured artist.

All images are Linda Druijff Originals, unless otherwise stated.

When using an image, please be respectful and link back to this blog.

More photographic wanderings and contact details at  www.lindadruijff.com 

Assignments welcome. Based in The Netherlands, serving The Planet.

A Captive Audience?  glass art by David Reekie

8 comments on “About

  1. Beautiful compositions and fascinating visual arts. I have added your blog to my Art & Design blog roll . I’ll also post a link on my wife’s resource page for her art students. Well done !

  2. Wow, what an interesting blog! So glad to have found it, and even more glad that I have a few minutes to browse your archives. Something tells me it will be time well spent.. 🙂

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